About Us

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PT. Higo Adhesive Indonesia is  part of  Milan Group  which has been servicing paint industries for more than 15 years long.

PT. Higo Adhesive Indonesia was founded in 2009, with main focus  in industrial Adhesive business.
The factory is located in industrial park in Semarang , Central Java, Indonesia  which more easier for us to serve the East, West and other area as well.

PT. Higo Adhesive Indonesia is producing adhesive to fulfil the customer requirement and regulation to increase the productivity.
The Quality is our commitment to deliver the product in their best performance.

PT. Higo Adhesive Indonesia is providing the technical back up and after sales services  to deliver problem solving and achieve efficiency in production lines.
We believe that the service is the value  that customer will see.

PT.Higo Adhesive Indonesia sees the business as a partnership for a long term.
That's why we want to grow together with our partner.

Grow With Us!!